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The golden altar of incense

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The Altar Of Incense by Ty Gybson, Laymen Ministry News, Summer-Fall 1994.

The Christian's privilege and need of prayer are represented by the altar of incense. King David understood this symbolism when he said to the Lord, "Let my prayer be set before you as incense." (Psalm 141:2). The prayers of believers arise like incense to the throne of God. Our heavenly Father is eager to hear our petitions and to grant every blessing needed to make us successful Christians.

Prayer is the secret of spiritual power. It is the key in the hand of faith to open heaven's storehouse. The believer's first consciousness of each day should be of Christ and the blessedness of our union with Him. With simple, honest, heartfelt words, consecrate yourself to God in the morning. Pray for strength to meet the temptations of the day; pray for a spirit of patience, kindness, and love for every person; Pray for guidance, protection, and peace of mind. God has promised to hear and answer such petitions. Faithfulness in this matter should be cultivated until it becomes a habitual exercise of the soul, until the affections turn to Jesus in prayer as naturally as the flower turns to the sun. Would you know the Lord Jesus as your dearest friend? would you have your will merged with His? Would you partake of His mind and live His life? Then you must "pray without ceasing" and "wait on the Lord." (1 Thessalonians 5:17; Psalm 27:14). You will thus be yielding your life to God, day by day, to the workings of His providence and the influence of His mighty power. You will be surrounded with an atmosphere of light and love that will put the enemy to flight and attract the honest ones of earth to know the secret of your peace. —